Free Wi-Fi

Free High-Speed Secure Wi-Fi…

Most Small Hotels, B&Bs and Guesthouses now offer wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) free of charge to their guests.
You should however beware when connecting to their network as they tend to use standard domestic routers such as those available from PC World and Curry’s. Connection to these routers, although they require a Key Code to access the system, are NOT secure. Everyone wishing to access the Internet are given the same WAP key code. Once on the network your computer and its files can be detected and therefore copied, changed or even deleted by anyone who is using the network at the same time.

“Access to our highly secure high-speed Wi-Fi is free to all our guests”

Here at the Parkfield Hotel we view things a little differently and are very conscious of security when using our Wi-Fi network. That’s why we have invested in a state-of-the-art router and seven access points to create a safe and highly secure high-speed Internet connection for our guests. Every guest is given a different two-part Mac authenticated Keycode to access our system through our own captive portal. Our router has built-in blockers which will prevent other users from detecting your computer and its files, thereby keeping your computer and its files safe, secure and most of all private.


How to access our Wi-Fi

Access to our highly secure high-speed Wi-Fi is free to all our guests. Just obtain a Printed Key Code from Julie or Steve, enter the code on our portal page and away you go.

If you are a guest of a nearby Hotel, Guest House or Holiday Flats and can pick up our portal page you can gain access to our secure system, just obtain a Keycode at a modest cost of just £2.50 per day by calling Julie or Steve on 01253-341255 or drop in and see us to pick one up at the Hotel. Happy Safe Surfing.

Free, Safe & Secure High Speed Internet Access Guaranteed!